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Passion For The Road

Mazda Owners & Enthusiasts
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Welcome to the community created for owners and enthusiasts of all Mazda vehicles.

A Few Simple Rules:

1. Retarded flame wars will not be tolerated. I don't mind the personal opinions at all about a car's styling for example. If you wish to call each other names like a bunch of little five-year-olds in kindergarden during recess, don't even bother joining. Otherwise, you will be removed, plain and simple.

2. Please keep posts relevant to Mazda topics. For anything else besides Mazdas, may I suggest trying either importracing or gearheads.

3. As a courtesy, please limit your pictures to 500 pixels in width. Otherwise, consider the LJ-cut.

4. New community promoting is allowed, provided that it is automotive related.

I've never been a fan of strict rules, but this is to rather keep the community pleasant and friendly with minimal guidelines. Enjoy. If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me. Thank you.

Maintained By: moparmaniac101